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At the point when a development project is finished, the last advance is an exhaustive examination of the place of work to guarantee everything is spotless, coordinated, safe, and set aside. This last walk through for the most part includes a development punch list and guarantees that all remaining details are restricted, harms are tended to, and the property is up to standard. One approach to guarantee these are done is by making and using a custom post-development cleaning agenda.

What Is A Post Construction Cleaning Checklist?

A post-development cleaning agenda is a definite record that separates the various spaces of a works site into explicit classifications for cleaning. It assists laborers with strolling through each space and recognizes any cleanup assignments that should be done before the venture can be considered finished.

What to Include in Your Checklist

Your post-development cleaning agenda should walk cover every space of the structure. It should fill in as a manual to assist laborers with Accessing parts of the form—from floors, windows and roofs to outside highlights and the expulsion of junk and flotsam and jetsam. This is what to include:

Doors and Exits

All entryways that lead into the structure ought to be assessed and cleaned. These regions are the primary things the new proprietor will see when they show up on the property.

Residue outside lights

Ensure all lights are working

Wipe down windows

Clean entryways, entryway edges, and door handles

Clear passageway ways

Living/Common Areas

The lounge rooms and normal regions ought to be clear, perfect, sufficiently bright, and liberated from the garbage. All proof that you were there working ought to be taken out.

Floors are cleared and vacuumed/cleaned

All lights are working and liberated from dust

Door handles and light switches are spotless

Windows, window ledges and window tracks should be clean and tidied

No proof of paint drops on the floors or scrapes blemishes on the dividers

Junk eliminated

Entryways and door jambs cleaned


Kitchens can be confounded spaces, occupied with holes and spaces that frequently get neglected. One portion of finishing a development project is ensuring the kitchen region is perfect and everything is ready to rock ‘n roll.

Residue all racks and counters

Clean inside machines

Clean inside cupboards and drawers

Ensure all bureau equipment is perfect and secure

Clear and vacuum/mop floors

Clean windows, window ledges, and window tracks

Eliminate refuse

Clean sink and backsplash

Wipe down all apparatuses and completions


Despite the fact that they’re generally the smallest room in home, restrooms should be spotless and ready to use before the finish of a development project.

The sink, tub, shower are spotless and disinfected

Latrine is disinfected

Mirrors, cupboards, and counters are cleaned down

Floors are cleared and vacuumed/wiped

Inside cupboards and drawers are cleaned

Windows, baseboards, light installations, door handles, and door jambs are cleaned

Rubbish is taken out


Eliminating waste, tidying light installations, and guaranteeing the floor, dividers & windows are spotless is indispensable in a perfect and complete room region. Some different things to pay special attention to while reviewing a room region include:

Cleaning inside storage rooms

Tidying light apparatuses and roof fans

Cleaning down baseboards

Tidying worked in racking units

Tidying meshes and vents

Eliminating paint from pivots

Outside Spaces/Landscaping

The last advance of your post-development cleaning agenda ought to incorporate a cautious investigation of the outside of the property. This implies checking to ensure all bundling, tape, plastic, and different indications of development are detracted from the property and discarded appropriately.

Eliminate all refuse from the premises

Clear/power washes the walkways

Clear all yards, decks, and porches

Clean carport entryway and letterbox

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