Steam Sanitizing

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Using Steam Sanitizing

Home disinfection service just became more effective than ever before. When it comes to your home, nothing is more important than ensuring that your spaces are clean and your surfaces are disinfected. It’s time to get rid your home from germs, viruses, and bacteria that can cause harmful illnesses. Our professional team of house steam vapor disinfection services in NYC is here to help.

Advantages of Using Steam

  • Consume a fraction of water once used to do the same job
  • No wastewater runoff or overspray; no drainage is needed
  • Clean in areas sensitive to high pressure, high moisture
  • Clean hard to reach areas, nooks, and crannies
  • Chemical-free sanitation using nothing but water
  • Remove stains, odors, grease, bacteria, mold, yeast, and fungus
  • Clean anywhere, bypass Clean Water Act
  • Differentiate your service from the rest by offering eco-friendly cleaning

 Clean Extreme

Don’t just make it look clean, make it extremely clean. But what does that mean? Steam sanitizes and disinfects while it cleans. Chemicals cover up odors and mask stains. Steam penetrates pores, fibers and microscopic surface abrasions. When you use the New York Finest Cleaning Services to clean, you’re cleaning extremely everything.

Save Water

Cleaning with steam uses a fraction of the water that you would use with a pressure washer. The Optima Steamer’s patented boiler design superheats water into, what we call in the industry is dry vapor steam. Dry vapor steam will powerfully clean while using a tiny fraction of the water used by other methods.

Save Time

Forget having to set up water dams or reclamation mats clean in place. Clean multiple surfaces with the same tool. Since the Optima Steamer uses such little water, you can cut out all the time needed for drainage and reclamation, because dry vapor steam can be used for nearly all surfaces, you’ll be able to do it all with the Optima Steamer.

Save Money

Using less water and doing jobs quicker means you’ll save money. But on top of that, you’ll make more money. Steam will allow you to offer your customers more services and a premium rate. And because it can be used anywhere, you can offer services that you only thought possible if you installed drainage and reclamation systems.